Re-imagining the way fresh, plant-based foods are grown, prepared and delivered.

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Bring it to the table.

Everything we do is about providing access to fresh plant-based foods to as many people as possible from our family of growers.


Selective by Nature

Every brand in the Curation Foods portfolio meets or exceeds our strict standards of excellence and integrity for clean food ingredients. Selectivity is our namesake, after all.

Our brands

Growing Connections

We know our growers. This direct relationship to the people and places that cultivate our food enables us to monitor and ensure the  quality of our products from field to fork.

Our growers

Message from the CEO

“Welcome to Curation Foods. At Curation Foods, we re-imagine the way fresh, plant-based foods are grown, prepared and delivered through our broad portfolio of 100% clean ingredient products. As our name implies, we select with great care, passion and integrity everything we bring to the table and we are on a mission to bring fresh and delicious plant-based foods to as many people as possible.

We love what we do and are constantly striving to make it easy and delicious for people to integrate plant-based foods into their everyday lives. We celebrate and are inspired by the natural flavors of fruits and vegetables, creatively paired with ancient grains, legumes and spices to deliver an unbridled tasting experience. Over decades, we have built an efficient, refrigerated supply chain that enables us to rapidly deliver fresh foods to our customers throughout North America, ensuring the freshest possible experience for consumers. And all along the way, we are committed to sustainable practices that preserve and protect our planet for future generations, as well as initiatives to help provide access to healthy food options to communities in need.

Curation Foods is a different kind of food company. We believe that the values we bring to our work, show up in what you bring to your table.”

– Albert Bolles, PH.D., CEO