Now Planting

Now Planting offers fresh pure-plant foods.


Now Planting is a pure-plant food brand creating fresh, refrigerated meals that are light yet so satisfying. Everything we do highlights the extraordinary taste, texture and goodness of plants, of what’s grown in the earth. The plant is our hero, we do very little to it and, as a result, create dishes that are delicious and naturally low in sodium, fat and calories, without anything artificial or unnecessary added. The brand was founded on the principle that pure plant foods are to be savored, that food is a constant discovery, and pure plant foods provide an endless range of richness, nutrition and satiation people want.

Now Planting launched in fall 2018 with a line of refrigerated soups that combines refined cooking techniques, contrasting textures, and extraordinary flavors made from plant superfood ingredients like cauliflower, pumpkin seeds, coconut and almonds. Our culinary approach focuses on bringing out the unique flavor of plants and balancing them with just the right amount of sweet, sour, bitter, salty and savory in every bite. For the plant-forward foodie, these soups are perfect for main meals, small meals and anything in-between. We invite you to taste, to truly taste and rediscover what you have always known but never tasted quite like this before. Conveniently packaged, they are ready for on-the-go. Now Planting can be found in the refrigerated section of grocery stores across North America.