We believe that healthy people and a healthy planet go hand in hand

We work to optimize food and minimize waste in a way that preserves and protects our planet for future generations.

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Food Sustainability

We create fresh products with 100% clean ingredients by paying attention to detail. We work with growers to source the very best fruits and vegetables, and then use the latest techniques to preserve that high quality and freshness, naturally. Our products have no artificial dyes, flavors, or preservatives. A priority in our production process is whole plant innovation, using every part of the plant possible to reduce waste.

Environmental Sustainability

We work close to the land and love its beauty and abundance. We feel responsible for all the natural resources we use, not only for the health of our consumers but for the health of the planet. We take great care to reduce the amount of energy used in all our facilities and in our direct delivery supply chain. More than 90 percent of our packaging materials are recyclable, and we’ve invested in a water-reclamation system that saves, cleans and reuses water.

Our Work Has Just Begun

We are always learning and trying to improve, because we know what we achieved yesterday is not good enough for tomorrow. So here is our promise to you:

To be stewards of this earth, dedicated to enriching people’s lives on every dimension — from the foods we innovate, harvest, and deliver, to the people with whom we work as well as our community of customers, vendors, partners and neighbors.